The Good News of Messiah (Hardcover)

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The Good News of Messiah is a fresh translation of the New Testament from the original Greek, with careful attention to Hebrew influences on the Greek text. For example, instead of the traditional English "John," the GNM renders the text "Yohanan," and likewise most other names of Hebrew origin. Key theological words are also rendered with Hebrew in mind, yet without betraying the meaning of the Greek. And this feature underlies the truly revolutionary nature of this version. So for this reason the author has made sure that the renderings of Greek words do not stray outside of the permitted ranges of meaning given in the Greek Lexicons or from sound rules of linguistics and word derivation. So for example, translations typically rendered "faith" in other versions are consistently rendered "faithfulness" in the GNM, in accord with the sense of the Hebrew equivalent EMUNAH. Yet the definition "faithfulness" for PISTIS does occur in the Greek Dictionaries. Words that have been traditionally and unnecessarily cast into ecclesiastical forms have been put into ordinary forms. So for example, instead of Church, assembly, and instead of apostle, emissary. The Good News of Messiah includes unparalleled work on Greek tenses, including restoration of the controversial Greek perfect as a progressive tense. Also the Good News of Messiah is given a solid historic context in the previous chronology work of the author. While having a high respect for tradition and good scholarship, the author is not ruled by any school of thought, denomination, or ideology. For this reason, the author seeks to demonstrate everything based on good linguistic science, historical research, and sound reasoning. The author is well schooled in historic theological controversies. The commentary notes provide answers to all of them. Throughout the Good News of Messiah are various essays and charts, including a complete translation of Isaiah 53 from the Hebrew, a chart of the passion, a chart of the "Seventy Weeks," and a concordance of key words.

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ISBN: 9781953084026
ISBN-10: 1953084028
Publisher: Daniel Gregg
Publication Date: April 6th, 2022
Pages: 622
Language: English