Origins of Consciousness - Volume 1: The Study of Ten Luminous Emanations (Hardcover)

Origins of Consciousness - Volume 1: The Study of Ten Luminous Emanations By Michael Berg Cover Image
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About the Author

Michael Berg is the director of The Kabbalah Centre, as well as an author, scholar and teacher. Having been born into a kabbalistic tradition as the son of the Rav and Karen Berg, Michael steeped himself in the wisdom of the Zohar at a young age, and was the first person to translate the entire 23-volume Zohar and commentary from ancient Aramaic into English, beginning this monumental task when he was only 18 years old, and completing it ten years later. Adept at combing through ancient materials and distilling complex information into elegant language, Michael has become a best-selling author with a worldwide following. His books include Becoming Like God, Well of Life, The Secret, The Way. He also edited Rav Ashlag's pillar works: The Wisdom of Truth, And You Shall Choose Life, On World Peace, The Thought of Creation, and The Light of Wisdom, as well as translated and edited Beloved of My Soul, Rav Brandwein's written correspondence to Rav Berg, a book presenting rare teachings through which the mantle of leadership of the Centre was transferred.

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ISBN: 9781952895302
ISBN-10: 1952895308
Publisher: Kabbalah Centre Publishing
Publication Date: July 11th, 2023
Pages: 272
Language: English