Biblical Principles in Modern Legislation (Paperback)

Biblical Principles in Modern Legislation By Reigh Simuzoshya Cover Image
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Have you ever been involved in a dispute that could only be solved by legal action? Have you ever thought about where the foundation for most of our legal systems originated from? A careful study of the Bible reveals that this book pulsates with laws similar to those undergirding most modern legal systems. This is because the Bible itself lies behind our history as human kind. The justice, civil rights, and human rights principles it espouses were established by God with mankind in mind. It was the Bible that stimulated the study of poetry, science, and exploration. But with the mounting wave of secularism sweeping across the arenas of academia, economics, socio-religious systems, and politics the vitally significant role played by the Bible faces extinction. This book is not an attempt to advocate the establishment of theocracies. Rather, it is an effort aimed at keeping alive the relevance of biblical principles as the foundational pillars of justice and fairness in our modern polity. It is only logical that this foundation of our civilizations should be preserved. If we destroy it, on what shall our civilizations stand?

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