In the Eyes of an Alzheimer's Patient (Hardcover)

In the Eyes of an Alzheimer's Patient By Gene Damm Cover Image
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"In the Eyes of an Alzheimer's Patient is a biography of two people who overcame a humble existence to climb what they called "the wall of happiness" only to have it crumbled by the demon Alzheimer's. The author began as a shy boy with little financial status who was predicted by his high school classmates to lead a tragic existence. His personality dramatically changed when he met and married a very socially active girl, Mary, whose high school classmates voted her as the female who had done the most for her high school. Their union and her constant encouragement led to Gene's successful career at IBM. She not only influenced him but also kept him protected from most burdens. Eventually, she convinced him to join her in becoming a swimming coach. Their dramatically different personalities melded them into what would be a perfect coach if these qualities were in one person. Starting out as a hobby, they produced not only nationally ranked swimmers but outstanding adults as a result of their role model relationship.Alzheimer's crumbled that wall of happiness and led to a dramatic change in their previous roles of husband and wife. The book uniquely shows the risk to the caregiver. Not only was there the tragedy of the disease affecting the patient but also the struggles of the caregiver taking care of their loved one.The wife is the spiritual author of their life story. When she disappears into the depth of Alzheimer's disease, the toll on the caregiver almost causes the end of his life before the patient. Woven through the narrative is the strength of their love story, which is no better described than in the quote:
"Love is stronger than death."

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ISBN: 9781950323746
ISBN-10: 1950323749
Publisher: Leaning Rock Press LLC
Publication Date: March 19th, 2022
Pages: 208
Language: English