A Reason for Treason (Paperback)

A Reason for Treason By Andrew Cozad Cover Image
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A lineage of honor and duty, yearth pretty much cascading into a turmoil of begotten youth and forgotten foraged elders. In this story the honored becomes dishonored and the hardened become weak, where God has been claimed too beseeched the empty and broken God finds a troubled knight on the third crusade consisting of three famous kings and a nexus of bloodshed and condemnation. Acre a city known much like Jericho to the Arabs, is a stepping stone for this story, but it's pivot unearthing a truth to a few decent men and fallen soldiers. A battlefield staged in epic proportions, the underlying theme is a resentment for the established code of direct order, however in the medieval theme it is a merger of religion of arms that gets the knight Sir Bear Challenge so quarrelsome. Uniquely after the desert takes what's left of Bear's strength, he returns home under cloak and dagger to find himself a branded traitor for his misdeeds against the crusade and committing treason against the Pope and King, not to mention his country England. Thus, he searches for redemption, but not in the likely ways, in the mystery of deception and cloaked in tumultuous quandary.

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ISBN: 9781949231243
ISBN-10: 1949231240
Publisher: Yorkshire Publishing
Publication Date: August 3rd, 2018
Pages: 72
Language: English