Pluriform Love: An Open and Relational Theology of Well-Being (Paperback)

Pluriform Love: An Open and Relational Theology of Well-Being By Thomas Jay Oord Cover Image
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"A masterpiece from the preeminent theologian of love "

A strong case can be made that love is the core of Christian faith. And yet Christians often fail to give love center stage in biblical studies and theology. And most fail to explain what they mean by love.

Why is this?

Thomas Jay Oord explores this question and offers ground-breaking answers. Oord addresses leading Christian thinkers today and of yesteryear. He explains biblical forms of love, such as agape, philia, hesed, and ahavah. We should understand love's meaning as uniform, he says, but its expressions are pluriform.

Widely regarded as the world's foremost theologian of love, Thomas Jay Oord tackles our biggest puzzles about the nature and meaning of love, divine and creaturely. His proposals are novel. They align with love described in scripture and expressed in everyday experience. Oord also provides radical and yet persuasive answers to questions about evil, hell, the Big Bang, divine violence, divine abandonment, and more.

Pluriform Love changes the landscape of Christian love studies.


What they're saying...

"Thomas Jay Oord is the first to systematically clarify a variety of types of love and show that all are characteristic of God. This is an original contribution to theology. Though a complex task, Oord writes in an accessible and attractive way."

John B. Cobb, Jr., Cobb Institute, Author of Salvation: Jesus's Mission and Ours

"Christian theology in the years to come will need a facelift-a true restoration of the biblical witness to the centrality of God's love. If we wish to help make the faith truly relatable to our world today, Oord's clear, compassionate, and compelling voice is one we will be thankful for."

Peter Enns, Eastern University and Co-host of The Bible for Normal People

"Thomas Jay Oord adds to his proposals on open and relational theology, developing a theology of love which is both uniform in meaning and pluriform according to situation and recipients. The volume is indispensable for those researching the nature of love."

Paul Fiddes, University of Oxford

"The glowing multiform forcefield of love embraces every sentence of Pluriform Love. Free of sentimentality and pretense, refusing to pit eros and agape against each other, it unfolds a full-scale theology. This amorous vision will attract a wide readership."

Catherine Keller, Drew University, Author of Facing Apocalypse

"Thomas Oord is a global leader exploring the primacy of love within Christian thought and practice. In this book, he presents a theology of love in a loving way. When he grapples with the Scriptures, he shows an attitude of fairness. His writing style combines scholarly depth with accessible simplicity. In the end, Oord makes a radical claim: much of traditional Christian theology cannot take love as seriously as they must. Love must revolutionize Christian theology, and Oord explains how."

Brian D. McLaren, Author of Do I Stay Christian?

"This is a rigorous, provocative, creative, and very readable account of the meaning of love, especially divine love. It's a very important contribution to theological thought on this central topic."

Keith Ward, University of Oxford


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