A Tale of Two Haunted Universities: Hong Kong Reader (Hardcover)

A Tale of Two Haunted Universities: Hong Kong Reader By Anne Tso, Joanne Lo (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Anne Tso, Joanne Lo (Illustrator)
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Ever wondered what a Chinese Halloween is like? Every year, Hong Kong people experience the Hungry Ghost Month, the seventh month of the lunar year. Legend has it that the door to hell is wide open during the seventh month, and all wandering spirits from the depths of the Underworld will roam around the Land of the Living. Believe it or not, children and adults alike should bear in mind ten taboos - do not swim in the middle of the night, do not open your umbrella at night, do not walk near walls in the dark...in A Tale of Two Haunted Universities, a brave and rebellious daredevil breaks the Hungry Ghost taboos and takes on an adventurous midnight trip to the old, dark and perhaps haunted campus of The University of Hong Kong (HKU), alone Unguessed mystery and something lurking around HKU's Lotus Pond are awaiting her in the dark.

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ISBN: 9781948210065
ISBN-10: 1948210061
Publisher: Alpha Academic Press
Publication Date: May 4th, 2020
Pages: 22
Language: English