Tricked: Surviving Life With a Narcissistic Mate (Paperback)

Tricked: Surviving Life With a Narcissistic Mate By Lana Jenkins Cover Image
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This book is about the different 'normals' in life.

Normal for some people includes dysfunctional behavior that they are good at disguising. Normal for author Lana Jenkins was being kind, helping others, being a nice person. Lana was rather "low maintenance"--she adapted easily to others' ideas and didn't need to have her own way. That, she discovered, made her the perfect target for manipulating and controlling people--narcissists--who always have to be seen and heard, always have to be right, and who always have to have their own way.

The life Lana lived with a narcissist was devastating. It hurt her children and cost them so much.But they survived and did not remain victims. Instead, they renewed their thinking and worked to achieve the success in life that God wants for all of us.

Lana shares her experiences in this book so you can learn from them. If you've been there, you know what she means. If you recognize some of these red flags, pay attention to them--they will save you from a lifetime of pain.

This is what she learned, and you can learn too:

- How to stop being manipulated and controlled--get your decision-making power back.

- How to not let your hurt feelings make you a victim--keep on going when it would be easier to quit.

- How to use the pain of your past to help design your future--don't waste what you learned, instead use it to make wiser decisions and better choices moving forward.

Know you have priceless value and God wants only good things for you. Don't be tricked into anything less than God's best. LISTEN TO YOUR HEART, AND START CHANGING THINGS TODAY

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ISBN: 9781946114952
ISBN-10: 1946114952
Publisher: Author Academy Elite
Publication Date: February 28th, 2020
Pages: 138
Language: English