A Sensual Seduction: Sex, Drugs, Lawyers & Strippers (Paperback)

A Sensual Seduction: Sex, Drugs, Lawyers & Strippers By Anderson Andrews Cover Image
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To live only in the 'Light' creates an imbalance within your soul ... but when you discover your 'Shadow'... the experience creates wholeness and balance ... which eventually becomes wisdom ... still, the Dark Side can be dangerous ... where even angels fear to tread. The journey can leave you wounded, heartbroken, betrayed, lonely, and sometimes left for dead. Discover 'the dark side of the moon' in this hilariously sensual and sexual romp ... but wait, there's more. You'll also discover the mystery and magic of Goddess energy. Were you ever 'dying' to fulfill all your sexual fantasies? Trust me ... you might 'live' to regret it This novel is highly erotic but wasn't written for stimulation. It's about finding sexual healing ... something very much needed in today's world ... and although this book is fictional, it's based on true events and the lives of real people.

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ISBN: 9781944787233
ISBN-10: 1944787232
Publisher: Transformational Novels
Publication Date: September 11th, 2016
Pages: 548
Language: English
Series: Literary Works of Anderson Andrews