The Compassionate Warrior (Paperback)

The Compassionate Warrior By Ted Roberts (Other), Robert Vander Meer (Other), Diane Roberts Cover Image
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When we first entered the recovery journey, it was all about gaining and maintaining sobriety. We learned how our past pain and trauma contributed to our acting out behaviors. We discovered how our addictive behaviors had created chaos in our brain, and were given the tools we needed to renew our mind and find our identity wholly in Christ. We created healthy strategies to cope with and navigate the stresses of life. We've come a long way.And now, we stand on the cusp of our next-level healing journey. Our journey to become a Compassionate Warrior.

This 20-session group experience is intended to take men deeper in their healing: deeper in relationship with God, with the people they love, with their family and friends, and even with themselves. This journey is holistic. It will address aspects of what we need to be healthy in several areas of their lives: physically, emotionally, relationally, sexually, and spiritually.

This journey is not only about gaining sobriety and maintaining recovery; it now includes learning how to serve others. It's about being other-oriented. Throughout the Workbook and Weekly Tools, the focus is more on relationships and God's plan and purpose for their lives. It is about becoming the man God created them to be-becoming a Compassionate Warrior.

The Workbook includes the weekly lessons and is meant to be used with the Weekly Tools Workbook which includes the FASTER Scale, Commitment to Change, Group Check In, and other tools to help men develop emotional and relational health.

The Compassionate Warrior is for men who have gone through Seven Pillars of Freedom or Living Free and are ready to take their healing to the next level.

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ISBN: 9781943291212
ISBN-10: 1943291217
Publisher: Pure Desire Ministires International
Publication Date: August 15th, 2023
Pages: 270
Language: English