All: He Fulfilled All, He Deserves Our All (Paperback)

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ALL's Focus:

On the evening after Yeshua's resurrection, Luke reports that He explained to the two travelers "what was said in all the Scriptures concerning Himself." ALL examines our risen Lord's "all."

To whom is ALL of interest? Skeptics, searchers, Bible students, teachers...

ALL 's twelve studies explore:

  • Who fulfilled the Old Testament's foreshadowed Messiah as
  • Seed, Son, Lamb, Priest, Host, King, and Prophet?
  • What new Messianic identity is revealed in the New Testament?
  • What does the whole Bible reveal about God's overall purpose?
  • How do the Old and New Testaments fit together?
  • How are Messiah's identities being both challenged and embraced today?
  • What do we need to realize about history and today's Messianic movement?

Two companion studies by the same author:

IN: What becomes true of all who are "in Christ"?

THEREFORE: Our Lord has revealed Truth, therefore how should we live?

ALL is actually contemporary. Many are awakening to the enemy's decimation of Jew/Gentile relationships through Replacement Theology and are concerned about rising anti-Semitism today. Those concerned for God's chosen people ask, "How can we understand the relationship between the Biblical Messiah and our sad relational history? How can we respond to today's urgent need for reconciliation?"

Table of Contents:

1. QUEST - The Messiah Search

What, Why, How, When, Where, Who?

2. WHO - The Messiah's Identity

What is life's great identity quest?

3. SEED - Messiah, Second Adam

What is our human predicament?

4. SON - Messiah, Son of Abraham

How was the Messianic Son to be identified?

5. LAMB - Messiah, the Sacrificial Lamb

How did God accomplish Israel's redemption? How is this like our own?

6. TWO - The Messiah's Covenants

How are the two Testaments integrated?

7. PRIEST - Messiah, Great High Priest

How can human beings be brought into fellowship with a holy God?

8. HOST - Messiah, Lord of the Feasts

Who appoints the seasons of our lives?

9. KING - Messiah, Exalted King

Who was destined to be King? How does that process relate to my destiny?

10. PROPHET - Messiah, Supreme Prophet

Who was the ultimate "prophet to come"?

11. ALL - Messiah, Alpha and Omega

Who qualifies as "all in all"?


In addition to the Messiah's roles foreseen in the original Testament, what new identity is revealed in the New Testament?

What does this mean for us today?


A. Tools for Conserving my Study

B. Key Verses to ALL the Messiah is

C. The Messianic Gem Visual

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