An Architect's Cookbook: A Culinary Journey Through Design (Hardcover)

An Architect's Cookbook: A Culinary Journey Through Design By Glen Coben Cover Image
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This book represents the first 16 years of Glen Coben's design agency. Coben has had the distinct pleasure of working with some of the greatest chefs of this present time--having had a front-row seat to witness the growth of "farm-to-table" cuisine, "molecular gastronomy," the burger craze, the Neapolitan pizza craze, the kale-ification of our consciousness, the paleo diet, the juice cleanse, and the rapid rise of food bloggers, social media, the "foodie," and the deification of chefs into rock stars. What has remained consistent is that the challenge of opening a restaurant has not become any easier. Whether the restaurant is a burger restaurant, a dive bar and taqueria, or a four-star grand Italian destination, the stakes are always high for each restaurateur or chef. They have investors, budgets, schedules and the desire to deliver their own vision of service and cuisine. Each design project is a journey to discover the soul of each project--to tell its story in an appropriate tone of voice that compliments each chef's vision. Coben's journey has taken him literally and metaphorically to Mexico, Strasbourg, Paris, Texas, California, the Islands, the Bronx, Queens, London, and all over Italy. Design projects & recipies include: DEL POSTO: Spaghetti with Dungeness Crab and Jalape os. B TARD: Roasted Beets "Linzer." Ol' Dirty Bastard. CARBONE: Classic Negroni. DOVETAIL: Grilled Pre-Season Corn. GABRIEL KREUTHER: Sturgeon and Sauerkraut Tart topped with American Sturgeon Caviar. EMPELL N: Guacamole with Pistachios. KREUTHER HANDCRAFTED CHOCOLATE: Chocolate Travel Cake. THE MARROW: Roasted Duck Breast ROMERA: Checkerboard of Coconut, Jenngibre, Garlic, Truffle and Garlic Black with Beef and Eggplant Mousse. BLUE HEN & MORRISSEY'S: Roast Chicken with Salsa Verde and Roasted Lemons. BROTHER JIMMY'S BBQ: Brunswick Stew CULTIVAR: Burgundian Snail Toast. DELMONICO'S & DELMONICO'S KITCHEN: Baked Alaska. EMPELL N AL PASTOR: Tacos al Pastor. FABRICK: General Tso Cauliflower. HOUSE OF BLUES ANAHEIM: Voodoo Shrimp. RARE RESTAURANT & BAR: The M&M Burger. URSINO: Venison Carpaccio with Flavors of the Coastal Forest. COBEN KITCHEN: Seafood Bolognese.

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ISBN: 9781939621979
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Publication Date: October 15th, 2018
Pages: 232
Language: English