The Definitive Illustrated History of the Torpedo Boat, Volume X: Bonus Material and Appendixes (Paperback)

The Definitive Illustrated History of the Torpedo Boat, Volume X: Bonus Material and Appendixes By Joe Hinds Cover Image
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This, the tenth volume in the eleven-volume definitive illustrated history of the torpedo boat, contains five bonus articles and twenty appendices. The volume includes never-before published-correct charts of the locations of S-boats during their devastating attack on the landing ships of Exercise Tiger on the night of 27 April 1944.

CSS (Confederate States Ship) David Class Torpedo Boat: 1863

USN Torpedo Boat No.5, Spuyten Duyvil

The Herreshoff Brothers

The Torpedo Boat Winslow, TB-5

The Raven's Wrath

Appendix A. Abbreviations and terms Used in Boat Specifications

Appendix B. Identification Codes by Country from Jane's Fighting Ships 1901

Appendix C. World Navy Prefixes By Year

Appendix D. Foreign Warship Prefixes

Appendix E. German Naval Terms

Appendix F. List of British MTBs by Manufacturer

Appendix G. American Manufacturers of PT Boats in WWII

Appendix H. US PT Boats By Numbers and Manufacturers

Appendix I. Vessels Lost to German Human Torpedoes

Appendix J. Vessels Damaged or Sunk by Japanese Suicide Explosive Motor Boats

Appendix K. Allied Merchant Ships Lost to S-boats 1940 1945

Appendix L. US Navy Official Listing of Allied Ships Sunk by S-boats 1944

Appendix M. British Losses 1940-1945-Sunk or Captured by S-boats

Appendix N. Japanese Warships and vessels Sunk or Damaged by PT boats

Appendix O. List of S-boat Losses During World War II

Appendix P. Summary of PT Boat Losses WWII

Appendix Q. PT Boats Damaged and Lost by Coordinates

Appendix R. Captured Allied Torpedo Boats

Appendix S. Subs Sunk by Motor Torpedo Boats During WW II

Appendix T. Ships Sunk or Damaged by MTBs in WW II

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