A Dusty Road to Success: Principles of an Extraordinary Life (Paperback)

A Dusty Road to Success: Principles of an Extraordinary Life By Douglas Mboweni Cover Image
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The desire to succeed and live an impactful life is embedded in every human being. We all yearn to walk the journey of life in a way that has meaning and impact. Within us lies an unquenchable thirst to answer some of life's crucial questions with regards to our reason for existence. Many of us seek, daily, to find the secret to success and satisfaction in this life. As much as we have heard teachings, sermons and even read books that try to tackle this

issue, there is still that missing gap in many individuals that calls for a simple and easy to follow process on how one can live a satisfying, purpose-driven, unique and impactful life The IPEBSAL model expounds on this process using simple principles that bring a new, integrated and practical approach in answering how one can live an extraordinary life of fulfilment with a lasting legacy. These principles are drawn from Dr Douglas Mboweni's

life story, and have seen him to where he is today, by the Grace of God. They are also bringing about tremendous improvement and results in the lives of many other individuals in his circle of influence, particularly his family. These principles apply to anyone, regardless of culture, background, gender, age, stature or ethnicity. The IPEBSAL principles are indeed a set of simple keys that work together to open one big door called destiny

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ISBN: 9781928455691
ISBN-10: 1928455697
Publisher: Porcupine Press
Publication Date: April 5th, 2021
Pages: 142
Language: English