Stickybeak in Darkie (Paperback)

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New neighbours are always exciting, especially when you live in a quiet seaside town in far North Queensland.

Robbie lives with her dad and KilleR the cat. Her mum is away in Melbourne looking after her sick grandma. Nana Sinead, who is almost Robbie's own grandma, visits the house every weekday to look after her until her dad returns home from work.

When Saali and his mum move in next-door, Robbie is enthralled. She is determined to find out as much as she can about them in as short a time as possible and very soon a strong friendship develops between Robbie and Saali despite their personality and cultural differences, and Saali's passion for cricket.

The trust between the friends is tested soon into the friendship when Saali discovers a man who is wanted by the police hiding in an abandoned house in the bush. Together the friends agree to take whatever they can from their pantries to help the man survive yet how will their plan work? Would they be able to work together? Or will Robbie's impulsive personality give the game away?

Product Details
ISBN: 9781925935004
ISBN-10: 1925935000
Publisher: Ocean Reeve Publishing
Publication Date: July 18th, 2019
Pages: 234
Language: English