Dark Bible Stories For Adults: Lust Murder Betrayal Revenge Justice Redemption (Paperback)

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Game of Thrones? No, the King James Bible.

What happens when a groom sleeps with the wrong sister on his wedding night? How do you stop an unknown usurper from taking over your throne? And be honest, is a love triangle ever a good idea?

These are stories of violence, lust and seduction. Stories of evil rulers who will stop at nothing to have their way. But don't forget heroes and heroines that turn national disaster into triumph. These adaptations of Bible stories may well offend some people and disturb others. But if you love good stories packed with drama and tension, the stories will excite you and keep you on the edge of your seat, even if you think you know how they end.

Adapted from familiar as well as lesser known Bible passages, this collection of short stories and flash fiction captures the dark drama of Bible times. It paints the true picture of human nature, the good the bad and definitely the ugly.

After this you will never read the Bible in the same way again. Because some stories don't end happily ever after.

Book Review

"The Dark Stories of the Bible, what a fantastic way to tell the stories of the Bible, some I have never even read. Each different story lulls you into a false sense of security and then POW It hits you leaving you with a kaleidoscope of emotions. Throughout the book I was angry, amused, sad, confused, disgusted and shocked, empathising with some of the characters. The writer really catches the darkness of each event, making you shudder at the thought that these things really took place.

I would love each of the stories in the book to have their own full-length story. I was left wanting more, and not because it was not well written, but because I wanted to know each character more. I found myself diving into the Bible to see if there was more background information on each character.

All of the stories feel like they are told in a different style. Some I feel like I can hear the writer's voice as a narration and some I can feel each of the characters' voices coming through, with accents I think it's great, especially apparent in 'Disrespected'.

This is a great book for any reader, Christian, non-Christian, fantasy lover, romantic, horror all mixed into one It is fiction and non-fiction all in one Whilst reading each scene played like a movie in my mind. I cannot wait for the movie by the way "

Charlene Hemans, MOONSHINE BOOKS

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Publication Date: January 25th, 2020
Pages: 126
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