The Self-Taught Saxophone Player: A Guide for Uncorking Sax-Playing Techniques (Paperback)

The Self-Taught Saxophone Player: A Guide for Uncorking Sax-Playing Techniques By Louise Lawrence Cover Image
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This guide is a rescue package offering an original and highly effective visual approach to mastering the basics of saxophone technique. An ideal aid to increasing the success for the sax playing beginner.

How can I make a better sound?

How can I control high and low notes?

How can I improve my coordination?

These commonly asked questions and many more are expertly considered - first understand the issue, then learn quickly how best to overcome it.

Here you will find clear guidance on buying and maintaining your instrument, and sound advice to get you playing the saxophone well.

You will learn the basics of correct technique:

How to create the sound you want to make - control of mouth and breath

How to maximise your breathing capacity - control of the diaphragm

How to find a posture that works for you - control of the body

How to achieve a slick technique - control of hands and fingers

No more reading long dense texts.

Visualisation is used to introduce new concepts and ensure you remember them well so that you can just get on and play. Learn how to harness your brain and you will ......

fast track co-ordination skills

practice more effectively

read more fluently

Louise Lawrence is an established innovative teacher. She takes a psychological approach to overcoming hurdles that limit playing potential. Her instructive style is warm, light and highly accessible.

Learning on your own is a lonely experience and without a witness to your endeavours it is all too easy to unknowingly acquire habits difficult to unlearn. This friendly handy-sized book will cost you a fraction of one music lesson.

Order a copy today to increase your success. Pop it on your music stand and use the visual prompts refresh your memory. It will be there for you when you practice your touchstone to dip into when you pause for breath.

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ISBN: 9781916068865
ISBN-10: 1916068863
Publisher: Uptake Publications
Publication Date: May 19th, 2021
Pages: 116
Language: English