Food for Thought in Joshua: Bite-sized Bible Study in the Old Testament (Paperback)

Food for Thought in Joshua: Bite-sized Bible Study in the Old Testament By Rob de Jongh Cover Image
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Short, relevant and inspirational Bible studies for each chapter of the book of Joshua. Bite-sized and ideal for personal meditation, family Bible time, group Bible studies and in preparing Bible talks. Jesus based his teaching on the Old Testament scripture. Surprisingly, rather than suggest we study it, he told us to eat a portion of it daily Taking a small portion of the Bible as our daily diet will help us transform day-by-day into a character like Jesus. About the Food for Thought series:

  • Bite-sized Bible studies covering each chapter of Joshua.
  • Food for thought, leading you to personally discover Bible truth.
  • Perfect for family Bible time or informal study groups.
  • Ideal source-book for sermons, Bible classes, talks and lectures.
  • The antidote to dry commentaries and books by dusty academics

Writing in an engaging and conversational style, Rob de Jongh provides Food for Thought for each chapter of the book of Joshua, a book containing some of the most exciting and memorable narratives of the Old Testament. Go with Joshua as Moses hands over responsibility to bring the people of Israel into the promised land. Discover how God exalted Joshua in the eyes of all the people, so that they served him faithfully. Meditate on the goodness and severity of God, who allowed the idolatrous nations to be uprooted, but provided a way of escape to those who looked for it earnestly. The book of Joshua gives us hope, instructs us in the ways of the Almighty, and gives us abundant food for thought in our daily walk.

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ISBN: 9781913699000
ISBN-10: 1913699005
Publisher: Woodland Press Ltd
Publication Date: May 1st, 2020
Pages: 108
Language: English