Embodied Creation: The sensitive's way to consciously co-create (Paperback)

Embodied Creation: The sensitive's way to consciously co-create By Tara Jackson Cover Image
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Embodied Creation is a call to consciously co-create for the good of the whole. It is an activation and invitation to tune into Gaia, her energies, and what is calling to be created on Earth at this time.

It guides you to connect with the soul, essence and life-force of your creations, and supports you to embody and ground this energy so that you can bring it into the physical, carrying out your part as a co-creator.

It invites you to lean into the natural rhythms and cycles of creation, honouring the role and power of the feminine alongside the masculine, as this is where we can truly create a sustainable future. This is where we remember we are not machines, and we need to rest and replenish as well as take action, where we give back as well as receive, and where we honour endings as much as beginnings.

It leans into the principles of manifestation, including visioning and magnetising. It asks you to slow down and go within, holding and healing what needs to be released and let go of, so that you can truly align with the most potent and powerful creations.

As you begin to deeply create from this place, it asks you to get out of your own way and ask the question, 'Am I creating from my soul and heart, or my ego?'

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ISBN: 9781913590529
ISBN-10: 1913590526
Publisher: Unbound Press
Publication Date: May 14th, 2022
Pages: 202
Language: English