Light The Way (Paperback)

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Light The Way is a powerful companion for modern-day change makers who are ready to go all-in and activate the power of their intuitive voice.

What would happen if you could take off your shoes and dance with life for a while?

Are you a lost soul? A magnetic soul? A wounded soul? Or perhaps you are an awakening soul? It's time to remember your purpose?

Whatever type of soul you are, your intuition brought you here to remind you, you are not alone. Transitioning can feel lonely, right? Like you are the only person hanging out in the transformational changing room of life. Sitting on the sidelines between fear and the unknown, stuck in limbo-land, knowing you want to make the change but having no clue where to start?

Light The Way is set to be a beautiful companion on your journey, sensitively allowing you to fall between the cracks of your fears and reawaken the mystical masteries of the unknown. In these pages, you will activate forgotten tools required for laying the foundations to go all in and fully reclaim your out-of-the-ordinary soul story.

Elegantly broken into three parts this book offers you the guidance needed for transitioning into life the soul fuelled way.

PART ONE: UNLOCKING YOUR INTUITIVE MASTERY moving you through the 7 stages of wake- up calls

- The Disintegration of Pedestal Status - Growing up. No one said it was going to be easy

- Demystifying Hierarchal Projection Learning to detach from attachment

- Reclaiming Your Voice - Setting free the unconscious binds

PART TWO: SOUL HUSTLERS ARISE - getting you ready to activate your soul's purpose 

- Untying the knots of your past to remind you that choice exists

- Start to respect the skin you are in

- Turning Resistance into Remembering

PART THREE: BECOMING THE COSMIC DANCER - Ensconce yourself in the beauty of self-reclamation

- Embracing your imperfections

- Realigning with trust

- Calling in your Divine Dream Team

Along the journey Natalie shares her soulfully devised Spiritual Growth Strategies including mediations, soul activations, and rapid energy cleansing methods offering the reader time to reflect in their own time and deepen the reconnection process to realign and fully embody the awakening of their soul's purpose. Also introducing Natalie's intuited collection of Starseed poems curated with the Cosmos for deep activation shifts. Each poem has the soul imprint of each soul who is now ready to reclaim their soul's purpose, ready to awaken and equalise their divine feminine and masculine within.

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ISBN: 9781913590277
ISBN-10: 1913590275
Publisher: Unbound Press
Publication Date: September 16th, 2021
Pages: 270
Language: English