The Happy Miniature Schnauzer: Raise your Puppy to a Happy, Well-Mannered Dog (Happy Paw Series) (Paperback)

The Happy Miniature Schnauzer: Raise your Puppy to a Happy, Well-Mannered Dog (Happy Paw Series) By Asia Moore Cover Image
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Stop raising your Miniature Schnauzer on auto pilot. Help your pup develop into a happy and friendly adult dog.

Happiness & behaviour tips, detailed care guidance and over 130 photos of adorable Miniature Schnauzers all in one book

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What reviewers are saying:

"I have been a Certified Schnauzer Breeder for 25 years and cannot recommend this book enough. It guides you not only on caring for your dog, but most importantly on keeping him happy and well-adjusted. I will be giving a copy to all my customers.", M. EVANS - SCHNAUZER BREEDER - Oxford - UK

"As first-time owners, we had no idea where to begin. This book gave us all the information & daily care guidance we needed and as a bonus showed us how to keep our dog well-behaved and happy. Guess what, it all worked just fine and we keep referring back to it all the time.", Roberts family - Bath - UK

"A brilliant, comprehensive and well laid-out book on Miniature Schnauzers. I feel I became a much better guardian and my sweet Bella seems so much happier and relaxed.", Ms. Trudie Hall - Epsom - UK

"I bought this book for its specific focus on happiness and good behaviour & it was an excellent choice. Helped me understand what I was doing wrong and showed me the way to finally stop my 3-year old Max fighting with unknown dogs in the park. Much relieved ", Helen Green - Seattle - US

Wondering how to welcome your new Miniature Schnauzer puppy? Looking for daily practical tips and advice to help your pup develop into a Happy and Well-behaved dog? Wanting to start off on the right foot and avoid dog-behaviour professionals for life? This book has all the answers you need.

Based on thousands of training encounters over 40 years, Asia Moore's "The Happy Miniature Schnauzer" is showing you exactly how to care for your dog, prevent behaviour problems and build a happy and loving relationship with your canine friend.

Asia is giving you countless tips, techniques and practical advice aimed specifically at preventing behaviour issues, rather than correcting them after they surface. She is showing you how to be the Ideal Miniature Schnauzer guardian and keep your dog happy, healthy and well-behaved.

Just a few of the things you will learn:
  • Miniature Schnauzer happiness tips
  • Breed traits & personality
  • Home puppy proofing
  • Crate training & housebreaking your pup
  • Techniques for a well-behaved dog
  • Feeding puppies & adults, healthy nutrition
  • Happy exercise requirements
  • Training, commands, hand signals, tricks, playtime
  • Why you should not treat your dog as a child
  • Ideal living conditions for a happy Miniature Schnauzer
  • Daily routines, grooming, nail - ear - teeth & paw care
  • Miniature Schnauzer body language
  • Possible diseases, allergies, ear infections, eye conditions, vaccinations, De-Fleaing, CPR
  • Socialising with people, other dogs & different environments
  • Teaching basic rules and boundaries & offering rewards for the right behaviour
  • How to prevent behaviour issues & avoid dog behaviour experts for life
  • How to be the Ideal Miniature Schnauzer Guardian
  • Common human mistakes causing behaviour issues & how to avoid them
  • How to stop unwanted behaviours like chewing items, leash pulling etc.

Invest the time and effort to study and apply Asia's happiness techniques NOW to raise a Happy and Well-Mannered Miniature Schnauzer. Your dog really deserves it. Do it now and you will thank yourself later.

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ISBN: 9781913586409
ISBN-10: 1913586405
Publisher: Worldwide Information Publishing
Publication Date: February 6th, 2021
Pages: 198
Language: English