Humbugs and Doodlebugs: A wartime story of seaside sweetmakers (Paperback)

Humbugs and Doodlebugs: A wartime story of seaside sweetmakers By Stephen James King Cover Image
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The true story of a young couple living in an invasion risk area during the Second World War whilst at the same time trying to keep their dream alive of running their own sweet making business. But getting in the way of their dream is German bombing, a unique tragedy, childbirth difficulties and the D-Day Landings in Normandy.

All Stan and his young bride Doris want to do is to make humbugs, pear drops and toffee for their community, and the holidaymakers who relax on the local beaches. But War comes along, the town is almost cut off from the rest of the country because it's an invasion risk area. The deserted beaches are lined with tank traps and barbed wire, and thousands of their best customers, the children, are evacuated from the town. How will they keep business going?

Tragedy strikes in a most unexpected way when Stan's brother Jim travels with his Royal Artillery Company on a troop train. It is the middle of the night, a railwayman misses a vital check, the driver of the train does not see the danger ahead and Stan loses his brother and business partner.

During the war 800 bombs land on the Essex seaside town, one outside Stan and Doris's home, as well as V1 flying bombs and V2 rockets. The local hospitals are full of military casualties, and as a result there are no local maternity facilities for the heavily pregnant Doris.

From detailed research the author pieces together the story of his parents' lives during the Second World War. He uncovers tragic moments, day to day hardships, and their joyous times.

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ISBN: 9781913036256
ISBN-10: 1913036251
Publisher: Stephen James King
Publication Date: November 29th, 2019
Pages: 142
Language: English