The Grail Bride (Paperback)

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An award winning novel in the style of Outlander, filled with passion, betrayal, and mystery--an urgent quest to find the treasures buried in bible legend, a holy bloodline, and one woman's past.

Based on a powerful and compelling true story.

An engineer and single mom, Michelle doesn't believe in ghosts or spirits. That is until a fateful night in Spain, which sparks the journey of a lifetime--to learn the secrets of her past, uncover legendary treasures, and reclaim a lost family title. Traveling across three continents and guided by the Holy Spirit, Michelle follows the trail left by King Arthur and his knights to unravel the truth of the Holy Grail. Despite the pain and heartbreak that threatens to divert her from her path, she must find the strength and the courage to continue.

As the Age of Aquarius approaches and Michelle gets even closer to finding history's greatest treasures, she discovers that her past and her future are interwoven and nothing is what it seems.

Thoroughly original and thought-provoking, Michelle's journey encourages us to trust in the magic hidden in our everyday lives, and not be afraid to question or to pursue our own destiny. The Grail Bride is a powerful, thrilling story that intertwines history, truth and Arthurian legend, bridging the physical and non-physical worlds, in a journey of self-discovery.

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Product Details
ISBN: 9781912069668
ISBN-10: 1912069660
Publisher: Lady Blackwood Pty Ltd
Publication Date: November 7th, 2018
Pages: 422
Language: English