What Is the Dharma?: The Essential Teachings of the Buddha (Paperback)

What Is the Dharma?: The Essential Teachings of the Buddha By Sangharakshita Cover Image
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To walk in the footsteps of the Buddha we need a clear and thorough guide to the essential principles of Buddhism. Whether we have just begun our journey or are a practitioner with more experience, What is the Dharma? is an indispensable exploration of the Buddha's teachings as found in the main Buddhist traditions. Constantly returning to the question 'How can this help me?' Sangharakshita examines a variety of fundamental principles, including: karma and re-birth, nirvana and shunyata, conditioned co-production, impermanence, unsatisfactoriness and insubstantiality, ethics, meditation, and wisdom. The result is a refreshing, unsettling, and inspiring book that lays before us the essential Dharma, timeless and universal.

About the Author

A respected translator and author of over fifty books, Sangharakshita began studying BUddhism at the age of 16. After 20 years studying in India he returned to England and set up the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order which has over 65 centres worldwide, including the USA.

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ISBN: 9781899579013
ISBN-10: 189957901X
Publisher: Windhorse Publications (UK)
Publication Date: August 1st, 2004
Pages: 272
Language: English