Stepchildren of Mother Russia (Paperback)

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In this fascinating family memoir, Draznin reconstructs the experiences of his and his wife’s families under Soviet rule. It’s a dramatic, event-filled history that exemplifies many of the experiences of Soviet Jews throughout the 20th century. Draznin’s paternal grandfather, Moshe, was a Communist Party aide—but that didn’t save him from eventual arrest on the charge of being a spy for the West. The horrors of growing up Soviet are exemplified by Draznin’s father, Nahum, who saw a schoolmate praised for turning in his father as an enemy of the state. And during WWII, Nahum was sent to a military penal colony as a deserter. For anyone whose family, like Draznin’s, survived life in the U.S.S.R., or anyone interested in how Jews lived there for seven decades, this is an enlightening and moving personal history.

About the Author

Boris Draznin, MD, PhD is a Visiting Clinical Professor and the University of Colorado School of Medicine

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ISBN: 9781887563901
ISBN-10: 1887563903
Publisher: Schreiber Publishing
Publication Date: June 1st, 2000
Pages: 266
Language: English