Stoner's Delight: Space cakes, pot brownies and other tasty cannabis creations (Hardcover)

Stoner's Delight: Space cakes, pot brownies and other tasty cannabis creations By Dane Noon, Lex Lucid Cover Image
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Give yourself the munchies (in every sense) with this ultimate guide to easy-to-make cannabis creations. This is a fun, easy way to whip up a truly relaxing snack or those perfect house-party hash cakes

Cooking with cannabis is the easiest way to enjoy the herb without the hassle of all that paraphernalia and the health risks of smoking. Studies have shown that tar from joints can contain up to 50% more carcinogens and carbon monoxide than regular cigarettes, making this the perfect gift for anyone who wants to avoid the respiratory problems and stigma of smoking, or plain can't roll a spliff.

Plus, with a section on the different forms that cannabis comes in, and how you can adapt your recipes to suit them, you can be sure to never overdo the dope. This no-nonsense, no-fuss cookbook ensures that even a half-baked chef can turn out perfect results every time.

About the Author

Dane Noon is an avid chef with a love of music and enjoys nothing more than taking his followers on a journey through mouth and mind. He has been a worthy supporter of the marijuana cause since high tops were in fashion.

Lex Lucid is a writer who splits his time between the jungles of Papua New Guinea and London. He enjoys witchety grubs, raucous tea parties and long haul flights, and is occasionally mistaken for someone else. He wants to bring peace to the Middle East.

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ISBN: 9781846015939
ISBN-10: 1846015936
Publisher: Spruce
Publication Date: March 1st, 2022
Pages: 96
Language: English