Android Phones for Seniors in Easy Steps: Updated for Android Version 10 (Paperback)

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Android Phones for Seniors in easy steps, 3rd edition covers smartphones using the Android 10 operating system. In addition, it is also applicable to earlier versions of the Android operating system, and issues with earlier versions are covered in the book. Android 10 is a highly effective option for using on a smartphone and some its new features include:

Enhanced options for navigating around Android 10, including swiping on the screen to access the Home screen, or moving between apps. A new Dark Theme, to make it easier to view content on your Android smartphone. Focus mode, which can be used to silence or mute specific apps, so that you are free from interruptions when you are doing something else on your smartphone. Smart Reply for text messages, which offers a range of options, depending on the text in a message. For instance, it can display directions to a location mentioned in a text, or show establishments, such as restaurants, mentioned in a text. Improved sound options, so that you can boost the volume of your smartphone, while simultaneously filtering out unwanted background noise. Improved security updates, so your Android smartphone will be kept up-to-date with the latest security software, without you having to do anything. Enhanced live captioning, so that you can add subtitles to videos, podcasts and audio messages. Compatibility with 5G networks.

Android smartphones are an excellent option for the modern age, and Android Phones for Seniors in easy steps, 3rd edition will ensure that you don't miss out on any of their exciting opportunities.

Using Home screens Organizing apps Viewing notifications Locking the phone Searching for items Accessing the range of Android settings Syncing with other Android Devices

The book also covers all aspects of the standard communication functions that are now commonplace on smartphones:

Making and receiving calls Making video calls Sending text messages Adding contacts Sending emails Browsing the web

Android phones are excellent for a range of mobile entertainment, and the book shows how to listen to music, watch videos and read books. It also deals with taking and viewing photos so that you can use your Android phone as a replacement for a digital camera.

Due to the range of versions of Android and models of phones, Android phones can sometimes appear a bit of a maze. However, Android Phones for Seniors in easy steps, 3rd edition provides a clear guide to navigate through the issues and ensure that you can get the most out of your Android phone, whichever version it is.

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