The Last Fidget: A desperate plea from a hidden world (Paperback)

The Last Fidget: A desperate plea from a hidden world By Ruthie Dean Cover Image
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Ash, a solitary imp from a secretive, hidden world needs help and Tilly, a young girl with mysterious connections, might just be able to help him.

Tilly has spent most of her life shadowing her grandfather's explorations in the natural world. As a twelve-year-old with a passion for science and nature, she loves to search the great outdoors in the hope of finding the next big botanical discovery.

While a bewildered Ash, left vulnerable and alone after a traumatic event, Tilly stays at her grandfather's house for the last time as her family sorts out his belongings, after he sadly passes away. She spends many hours exploring the cottage garden, but then, is drawn into the mysterious Whispering Woods which lie at the back of the cottage. A challenging journey awaits the young explorer as she ventures in alone and quickly finds herself lost. But then she hears strange whispers calling her.

With curiosity and perhaps a touch of magic, Tilly is drawn into a different magical world where she is desperately needed to help the saddened imp left all alone, cruelly separated from the rest of his family. It is not long before Tilly discovers a mystical past to her grandfather's life and she is persuaded to help the lonely imp in his quest to re-join his mysterious clan.

The unlikely pair must create the Newid charm, but to do that they must first find the scroll and gather what is needed for the charm to work. With magical fairies, endangered species and frightening beasts along the way, the pair face many challenges, yet cling onto hope and each other.

Craving success for her new friend, Tilly goes on a journey of magical discovery which seems almost impossible to achieve. With an uncertain path and unforeseen events, the quest appears fraught with dangers and with little time to achieve. Will the new friendship between Ash and Tilly survive the challenge ahead? And will Ash be reunited with his family before time runs out?

Product Details
ISBN: 9781839759611
ISBN-10: 1839759615
Publisher: Grosvenor House Publishing Limited
Publication Date: May 19th, 2022
Pages: 192
Language: English