Star Signs: Reveal the Secrets of the Zodiac (Paperback)

Star Signs: Reveal the Secrets of the Zodiac By Mortimer Children's Cover Image
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Reveal hidden traits and core truths about your unique self - it's written in the stars

Discover interesting facts about each astrological sign, including constellations, birth stones, elements, ruling planets, as well as more in-depth information about each sign's characteristics and relationships with others.

Look up your family and friends' signs to see what their star sign says about them. Find out about the Chinese zodiac, too - which animal is your star sign?

Zodiac quiz

Reckon you're an expert when it comes to everything star signs? Put your knowledge to the test with these tricky questions.

1. How long does the Chinese Astrology cycle last?

2. Which flower is linked to Leos?

3. What is the birthstone of Cancer?

4. Name the star sign that is associated with three animals (scorpion, eagle, and snake).

5. Carnations are the flower of which star sign?

6. What animal is Pisces?

7. Name the 13th constellation of the zodiac.

8. Signs are ruled by an element, but how many elements are there?

9. Which is the largest constellation in the zodiac?

10. In Greek mythology, which star sign is represented by a centaur?

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ISBN: 9781839350962
ISBN-10: 1839350962
Publisher: Mortimer Children's
Publication Date: September 28th, 2021
Pages: 96
Language: English