The Bible Meditation and Devotional Journal: Command your Day (Paperback)

The Bible Meditation and Devotional Journal: Command your Day By Debbie Oyewole, Tolulope Oyewole Cover Image
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The Bible says this book of the law should not depart from our mouth - but we should meditate on it day and night

The Bible Meditation and Devotional Journal guides you on an important journey of prayer and reflection. Focusing on a single Bible verse each session, this book allows you to take a moment to meditate and dive deeper into the Word of God.

Every Christian can use this journal as an opportunity to focus on the meaning behind different scriptures and uncover a new understanding of the gospel. Use this Devotional Journal as a study companion for the Bible or as a guide for your daily prayers.

Your space to read, write and meditate on the Bible.


  • 3 versions of each Bible verse for a greater understanding
  • 'Expose' section to provide context to the scripture
  • Further Bible reading prompts on each page
  • Blank space for your thoughts and prayers

About the Authors

Debbie and Tolu are the proud co-founders of Tolu Oyewole Ministries. They are celebrating 4 years of marriage and are proud parents of two beautiful girls. They met at their local Church serving as Youth Ministers with 25 years of combined ministry experience.

The calling of God on their lives is to lift nations and to bring the Church to the understanding of position, authority, and responsibility as the legitimate government of the Earth appointed by God.

The Bible Meditation and Devotional Journal make the perfect gift for supporting someone on their journey with Christ - give to your children, brothers, sisters, church members, and friends.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781838428419
ISBN-10: 1838428410
Publisher: Tolu Oyewole Ministries
Publication Date: July 4th, 2022
Pages: 180
Language: English