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In addition to pure sugar, too many carbohydrates are responsible for unwanted weight gain with growing love handles.

One reason that low carb is an ongoing trend. The low carb diet (translated: few carbohydrates) is about a drastic reduction in carbohydrates in the diet. Because only when the intake of sugar and carbohydrates is reduced does the body fall back on its energy reserves (fat pads) and thus ensure weight reduction in the event of a supposed lack of food.

So to get rid of the unpopular love handles, the diet with recipes with no or less carbohydrates is particularly effective. However, it should be noted that existing fatty tissue cells only empty themselves during the diet and then remain in the body. If you revert to your old, unhealthy eating style too quickly, you will replenish yourself quickly.

Which foods are allowed on a low carb diet?

  • As soon as you eat according to the low carb method, i.e. the number of carbohydrates in the food is reduced, the proportion of fat and protein that is not stored in the body to the same extent may be increased at the same time. In contrast to other forms of diet, there is no calorie deficit associated with a feeling of hunger. More fats and protein also create a longer-lasting feeling of satiety. So don't go hungry, but replace sugar and carbohydrates with high-protein, low-carbohydrate dishes.

You should avoid these foods

  • The following foods are the main culprits for unwanted weight gain. In addition to every form of sugar, this includes potatoes, rice and all products made from wheat flour such as pasta, pizza and bread. Their unchecked consumption becomes noticeable when consumed too high, converted into sugar, as an unpopular and often constantly growing fat reserve.

In addition, one should avoid all forms of honey and sugar, jams, Nutella, all sweets, artificial sweeteners and industrially produced juices in low carb dishes. In the case of grain and vegetables, potatoes, rice, all wheat flour products such as

pizza, bread, pastries, cakes and noodles, and all industrially manufactured finished products are to be avoided. Also, a few particularly starchy foods such as bananas, corn, parsnips, sweet potatoes, peas and muesli are not necessarily recommended.

How good is low carb and how can a yo-yo effect be avoided?

If you want to avoid the dreaded yo-yo effect of rapid weight gain after the reduction diet, a general change in the eating habits that you have come to love is inevitable. The adaptation of eating behavior to age also plays an important role. In old age, unlike in younger years, the body builds up extensive fat reserves more quickly due to hormonal changes. A strict short-term switch to low carb works wonders here. However, nutritionists advise against a permanent, strict diet according to the specifications of low carb. To avoid the yo-yo effect, they recommend a balanced diet with around 50% carbohydrates afterwards. So you don't have to go without your beloved bread, potatoes and delicious pasta all the time.

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