Physiological health and risk of chronic disease in women (Paperback)

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Time is being converted into money and personal priorities take back seats as

corporate interests and personal ambitions take center stage, only when our

body starts showing signs of fatigue and inability, we look at our daily routine

and think how the same impacts our daily lives. In a country like India, a large

population suffers from under nutrition and is forced into long hours of back

breaking physical lab our and the situation is quite alarming. The disease

profile is changing rapidly. According to World Health Organization (WHO)

report, "India as one of the nations that is going to have most of the lifestyle

disorders in the near future. Recent world health organization (WHO)

documents states that 388 million people globally, will die from none

communicable diseases (NCDs) like diabetes, blood pressure and heart diseases

in the next decade. It also estimated that approximately 246 million people in

the age group of 30 to 80 have diabetes and blood pressure worldwide in 2008

of which 70% would be living in developing countries. Today's, India is

already home to over 40 million people with diabetes, blood pressure and this

number is expected to increase 70 million by 2025. This report further stated

that elevated blood pressure alone would contribute to 50 % of cardiovascular

diseases (CVD) worldwide. In the management of NCDs like diabetes or

hypertension, life style measures are of paramount importance for therapy to be

successful. These non drugs measurer includes regular physical activity,

healthy diet, stress management, avoidance of tobacco products, moderation in

alcohol intake and most importantly increased awareness about the condition.

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