Wonderful Tales of Inspiration: 5 Motivational, Friendship and Adventures Stories for Children (Hardcover)

Wonderful Tales of Inspiration: 5 Motivational, Friendship and Adventures Stories for Children By M. J Cover Image
By M. J


Story 1: "The Amazing Adventures of Mia and Friends"

Description: Join Mia and her diverse group of friends as they embark on thrilling adventures filled with courage, friendship, and discovery. From exploring hidden caves to solving mysteries, this story captures the spirit of adventure and the power of teamwork.

"The Amazing Adventures of Fearless Lily"

Description: Fearless Lily fearlessly takes on every challenge that comes her way. With her unwavering determination and a heart full of bravery, she overcomes obstacles, conquers her fears, and inspires others to embrace their inner strength. Join Lily on her exciting and empowering adventures.

The Extraordinary Adventures of Brave Ben"

Description: Meet Brave Ben, a young hero who fearlessly faces extraordinary challenges. With his quick thinking, resourcefulness, and unwavering courage, Ben shows that even in the face of adversity, one can achieve remarkable feats. Follow Ben's incredible journey as he inspires others with his bravery.

"The Incredible Adventures of the Playful Pals"

Description: Step into a world of imagination and laughter with the Playful Pals. This group of lively and imaginative kids knows how to turn every day into an extraordinary adventure. Join them as they embark on playful escapades, make believe, and learn valuable life lessons along the way.

"The Extraordinary Treasure Hunt"

Description: Set off on a thrilling treasure hunt with a group of young explorers. Armed with a mysterious map and a spirit of adventure, they navigate through challenging obstacles, uncover hidden secrets, and discover the true value of friendship and perseverance. Prepare for an extraordinary quest that will ignite the imagination and leave you captivated.

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ISBN: 9781803908212
ISBN-10: 1803908211
Publisher: Angelica S. Davis
Publication Date: July 5th, 2023
Pages: 50
Language: English