Iran Air: Flying the Homa (Paperback)

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The first Iranian airline was started in 1924 by German Hugo Junkers. When the Junkers company closed in 1936, Iranian military pilots had to guarantee the delivery of mail, packages and, occasionally, some passengers. The first truly Iranian airline - Iranian Airways - took to the skies in 1946. In the 1950s, other private airlines were established by Iranian investors, but in 1963, they were all merged and taken over by the government. During the reign of the Shah of Iran, this airline became a modern carrier, able to compete on the international aviation scene.

However, with the revolution in 1979, Western relations were cut off and it was impossible for the airline to buy new aircraft or spare parts. Only creativity and self-sufficiency made it possible for the airline to survive. In 2016, Iran agreed to reduce its nuclear capabilities and Iran Air was able to place massive orders with Boeing, Airbus and ATR to rejuvenate its obsolete fleet. Although Airbus and ATR were able to deliver a few aircraft, the re-instated sanctions against Iran brought all outstanding orders to an abrupt halt. With over 130 images, this book covers the fascinating Iran Air story from the beginning to the current day, exploring its history and the challenges its faced.

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ISBN: 9781802822649
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Publisher: Key Publishing
Publication Date: January 1st, 2024
Pages: 96
Language: English