Science by Simulation: Volume 1: A Mezze of Mathematical Models (Paperback)

Science by Simulation: Volume 1: A Mezze of Mathematical Models By Andrew French Cover Image
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A Mezze of Mathematical Methods is Volume 1 of Science by Simulation. It is a recipe book of mathematical models that can be enlivened by the transmutation of equations into computer code. In this volume, the examples chosen are an eclectic mix of systems and stories rooted in common experience, rather than those normally associated with constrained courses on Physics, Chemistry or Biology which are taught in isolation and susceptible to going out of date in a few years.

Rather than a 'what' of Science, this book is aimed at the 'how', readily applied to projects by students and professionals. Written in a friendly style based upon the author's expertise in teaching and pedagogy, this mathematically rigorous book is designed for readers to follow arguments step-by-step with stand-alone chapters which can be read independently. This approach will provide a tangible and readily accessible context for the development of a wide range of interconnected mathematical ideas and computing methods that underpin the practice of Science.

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ISBN: 9781800611214
ISBN-10: 1800611218
Publisher: Wspc (Europe)
Publication Date: May 30th, 2022
Pages: 288
Language: English