Sex and Divinity (Paperback)

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Religions give more madness than peace to humans. People bound with religious thoughts, in the name of God, either worship filthy things or no-god. People in Hinduism worship the vagina of a deity in the Kamakhya Temple of Assam, India. The temple gets crowded everyday with thousands of mentally sick devotees. They touch, put color and worship the genitalia of the Goddess assuming to get some supernatural power. If touching vagina of a deity is the part of worship, then touching vagina of a normal woman should also be the part of worship. One side, Hindus worship vagina, and the other side they worship penis of God Shiva. The temple of Shiva with penis, that is called Linga, is all over the world. Do you think these objects meant to be sex should be worshiped? And if sex is worshiped, then why do they call it a rape when a woman feels being forced for sex? Then rape is not rape, and rape should not be existent and not even the thought of it. When she is proposed for sex by a man, she must submit to it because sex is worship for them. Every woman should be ready for sex with every man. But not. For them, religious fault is not a fault and the social fault is a fault. God Shiva consumes marijuana and this is why many eccentric followers of Shiva called Aghori monks, consume marijuana, alcohol and eat flesh of dead human bodies. These necrophagous and whimsical monks are adored in Hinduism. The stupidity of this kind makes Hinduism look like paganism. Should these rituals be acceptable in a civilized society?Sex is to gain physical and mental power through natural process and nothing supernatural. If we talk about Islam, Mohammad was the real adorer of sex. He had thirteen wives and he used to satiate all of them in a single night. Sex with these many women gave him exceeding strength and this is why he could establish his religion Islam in his life while fighting all the trouble and turbulence of his life. He is the only man on the earth who could establish his religion in his life, otherwise, in case of others, their followers could establish the religion in due course of time. Islam took birth from real and natural adoration of sex for gaining strength. His bravery to survive and to make his people survive and the power of preaching, all came from his sexual gratification. And divinity, it does not have to do anything with sex and it is real and the purest phenomenon of the universe. It does not have its bodily, figural or visible presence anywhere. Divinity can be understood from the purest conscience and real faith, and not from any kind of lie or obscenity. God is to be understood with good heart.A predominantly persuasive lie exists in Christianity. The glorification of Jesus as the son of God and his earthly presence is a total lie. In the name of divinity people were cheated and polarized to form a new religion, and that is Christianity. Jesus was never born, and his crucifixion is a mere imagination for the purpose of debasing Judaism and forming an amended religion Christianity out of it. The politics in the name of divinity supported by Roman emperors succeeded largely. The imperious Romans became the chancellors of the religion in Vatican City, and Jesus, who was never born and cannot be born, were established as redeemer in human mind. Abrahamic religions say that worshiping idols or graven images is a sin. This has been a big reason for massacring pagans and destroying their cultures by Christians worldwide in the early days of Christianity, and the pope justified this massacre. So dark the con of man and so naive the world.

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