Sundered Epoch: No Man's Land - Softback Standard Color (Paperback)

Sundered Epoch: No Man's Land - Softback Standard Color By Randal Snyder Cover Image
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An era of conflict; an age of turmoil - a Sundered Epoch. Creatures of nightmare and myth invade through tears in the fabric of time and the world is caught in the No Man's Land between secret agents, cults, and Outsiders. Can humanity stem the tide before it's too late? In the world of No Man's Land, you can become an agent of Eastside Project (ESP) or a Spartan hunting inhuman threats across the world and beyond. Or play an Outsider infiltrating this strange new world. The Sundered Epoch: d20 Roleplaying System features simple skill-based character creation, explosive action-hero style play, and a unique magic system that maximizes creativity. Earn Merit Points to improve your character via accomplishments and good game play. Wreck your enemies and gain Control for extraordinary results or spend Merit Points for truly Heroic Actions. Visit us at

Product Details
ISBN: 9781794732360
ISBN-10: 1794732365
Publication Date: November 28th, 2021
Pages: 326
Language: English