Pentatonic Speed Strategies For Guitar: Unleash the Power of Pentatonic Scale Soloing With Proven Speed Technique Exercises (Paperback)

Pentatonic Speed Strategies For Guitar: Unleash the Power of Pentatonic Scale Soloing With Proven Speed Technique Exercises By Chris Brooks, Joseph Alexander, Tim Pettingale (Editor) Cover Image
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Pentatonic Speed Strategies for Guitar is Chris Brooks' guide to building jaw-dropping speed and fluency with the pentatonic scale. Famous for his picking technique and guitar teaching strategies, Chris has turned his attention to the humble pentatonic, and is here to show you its speed strategy secrets.

Using pentatonic scales, you'll learn to work smarter (not harder) to reach your true speed potential.

Condensing decades of experience into an incredibly well-structured method, Pentatonic Speed Strategies for Guitarbreaks down speed barriers by streamlining your mechanics and offering you 124 exhilarating licks that effortlessly combine virtuosity and musicality.

Take Pentatonic Licks to the Limit

Pentatonic scales are a different animal when it comes to speed and require a different approach to three-note scales. Not to worry though, Chris is here to guide you, step-by-step.

Using various picking and fretting solutions, you'll master:

  • Streamlined alternate picking approaches that create logical and fast patterns
  • Rearranging fretboard patterns to make fast licks a joy to play
  • Using hammer-ons and pull-offs to increase speed and dynamic variation
  • Economy picking patterns in the styles of Eric Johnson and Frank Gambale
  • Traditional pentatonic boxes, extended shapes, and three-note-per-string pentatonic fretboard coverage
  • Licks in the styles of Paul Gilbert, Eric Johnson, Kee Marcello, Vinnie Moore, Frank Gambale and Richie Kotzen
  • Using pentatonic scales in colourful new harmonic contexts
  • Getting in and out of speed licks in a musical way

See it, Hear it, and Jam Along

Key sections of Pentatonic Speed Strategies for Guitar are supported by detailed video demonstrations, so you can see what Chris' perfect guitar technique looks like in action.

Every example is played at multiple speeds in the free audio download, with space for you to try the licks right after Chris.

You get:

  • 124 awesome speed licks for the pentatonic scale
  • Audio for every example with space for you to play to the track
  • Video demonstrations for important parts of each chapter
  • TAB and notation

Bonus 1: The Ultimate Pentatonic Scale Soloing Reference Chart

Bonus 2: A Special Chapter on Using Speed Licks in the Real World

Build your technique, create your own personalised vocabulary, and find new ways of using the humble pentatonic in the modern world of virtuoso guitar

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