Guided Practice Routines For Guitar - Foundation Level: Practice with 125 Guided Exercises in this Comprehensive 10-Week Guitar Course (Paperback)

Guided Practice Routines For Guitar - Foundation Level: Practice with 125 Guided Exercises in this Comprehensive 10-Week Guitar Course By Levi Clay, Joseph Alexander, Tim Pettingale (Editor) Cover Image
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The Comprehensive Guide to Practicing Guitar

Feel like you're wasting time in the practice room?

Don't know what guitar skills you should be working on when?

Need a complete guide to the most beneficial way to practice guitar?

Every musician understands the value of practice, but we can all struggle with the what's, when's and how's when we learn guitar. What we need is a structured plan that yields positive long (and short ) term improvements.

Levi Clay's new ground-breaking series, Guided Practice Routines for Guitar, is proven to work based on his experiences with thousands of guitar students, and cuts to the heart of this age-old problem.

It solves the problems posed by millions of guitar students around the world:

"What should I practice, and for how long?"

"What should my practice routine look like?"


"What's the quickest way to get good?"

It answers all these questions with carefully designed practice drills that you'll play along with Levi himself on over 125 exercises with audio tracks, clearly illustrated in full standard notation and TAB.

The result is a series of proven guided practice routines that cover the essential, foundational guitar skills all players must have.

Foundational Skills for Every Guitar Player

Whatever style of guitar you want to play, there are foundational skills that are required across every genre. This book helps you master them all.

After a fun yet meaningful warm-up session, Guided Practice Routines for Guitar builds and refines your guitar skills in the following essential areas:

Rhythm - build fretting hand dexterity and excellent alternate picking hand motion. Learn to execute syncopated rhythms and apply them to musical pentatonic scales

Picking - master picking drills, and use these mechanics on beautiful chord changes

Drill moveable CAGED shapes - learn to play any chord, arpeggio, or scale in any key with powerful moveable shapes

Moveable major scales using CAGED - break away from predictable patterns and begin a scale anywhere to 10x your fretboard visualisation

Advanced picking approaches - learn outside and cross-picking techniques to play more versatile phrases, then combine these with melodies, strumming patterns, and bass notes

Advanced CAGED exercises - learn the Circle of 4ths with CAGED shapes to play the major scale in every key. Plus combine arpeggios and scales musically

Legato - develop fluid phrases then combine picking and legato to play any line of music fluently

Major scale melodic approaches - complete your mastery of the major scale shapes by using sequenced patterns to create unique melodic ideas

Consolidate your skills - nail a final series of drills that combine everything you've practiced and get even more creative with some sneaky bending tricks.

Build a practice habit that will keep growing your musicality

Every routine in this book enhances your skills and develops your musicality. Better still, you'll be able to practice along with Levi on the 125 exercises and audio tracks as he coaches you and plays the exercises with you. This unique approach has paid dividends for the thousands of students he's taught over the years, and now it's available to you.

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