The Art of Regular Show (Hardcover)

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The Emmy Award-winning Regular Show, created by JG Quintel, is a jewel in the Cartoon Network crown with over 100 million viewers globally. The series follows the hilarious and surreal adventures of blue jay Mordecai and his best friend, Rigby the raccoon, as they make their days working at a local park anything but regular. Mordecai and Rigby are joined by their boss Benson, an explosively angry gumball machine, yeti groundskeeper Skips, loveable lollipop man Pops and other weird and wonderful friends. This is the world of polar-bear portals and demonic hot-dogs where adventure can be found in the most surprising places.
This book gives fans a sneaky peek behind the scenes of the show. Explore the creative process from sketch to finished scene with plot and script secrets from JG Quintel, in-depth interviews with the cast and crew and never-before-seen original artwork. You’ll learn how to draw your favorite Regular Show characters, get awesome episode storyboards and see exclusive sketches. This all-access art book allows you to see your favorite animated show as never before.   

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About the Author

Shannon O’Leary is a writer, editor, occasional cartoonist and regular contributor to Publishers Weekly, covering the comics and animation industries. She co-edited the comics anthology, The Big Feminist BUT: Comics About the Ifs, Ands and Buts of Feminism (Alternative Comics, 2014) and edited the comics anthology, Pet Noir: An Illustrated Anthology of Strange but True Pet Crime Stories (Manic D Press, 2007). She lives in Los Angeles, California.

Praise For…

“(A)  wonderful trip behind the scenes that all its fans who are curious about the creation of animation should take” - Cinema Sentries 

"expertly handled by experience animation writer (and occasional cartoonist) O’Leary." - Animation Magazine

"This is a show I’m a big fan of and it gets a deserving loving treatment in this compilation of drawings, storyboards, concept art and even reference photos of actual objects and places that inspired some of its most iconic episode." - She Movie Geek

“My favorite inclusion is the “How to Draw” sections that cover detailed breakdowns for Mordecai, Rigby, Pops and Benson. I’ll have to give a shot! This is great book for any fan of the series or art; it’s visually appealing to all audiences and should inspire the next batch of young animators out there.” - City of Films

"If the stunning, textured cover alone doesn’t draw you in (no pun intended), then the artwork inside will." - Mugglenet

"I just received a copy and am quite delighted by it. This is the type of book we need more of - an in-depth look at current TV animated series with rare art and interviews with the principal creators" - Indiewire

“This books provides exactly the kind of behind-the-curtain information it’s often so difficult to find, like how sub sandwiches factor into which ideas become episodes and which ones don’t. And that’s not even to mention the artwork...To mention the artwork, this book is absolutely covered in conceptual drawings, pencil sketches, promotional material, floor plans for buildings on the show, and full scenes of storyboard-to-screen comparisons!” “10/10” - Project Fandom

"If you’re a fan of the TV animated series, you pretty well have to have this book." - Dogpatch Press

"A great addition to any Regular Show fan’s collection." - Strange Kids Club

Product Details
ISBN: 9781783295999
ISBN-10: 1783295996
Publisher: Titan Books
Publication Date: September 15th, 2015
Pages: 160
Language: English