Essential Mathematics for NMR and MRI Spectroscopists (Hardcover)

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Beginning with a review of the important areas of mathematics, this book then covers many of the underlying theoretical and practical aspects of NMR and MRI spectroscopy from a maths point of view. Competence in algebra and introductory calculus is needed but all other maths concepts are covered. It will bridge a gap between high level and introductory titles used in NMR or MRI spectroscopy. Uniquely, it takes a very careful and pedagogical approach to the mathematics behind NMR. It leaves out very few steps, which distinguishes it from other books in the field. This is an essential text aimed at graduate students who are beginning their careers in NMR or MRI spectroscopy and laboratory managers if they need an understanding of the theoretical foundations of the technique.

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ISBN: 9781782627975
ISBN-10: 1782627979
Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry
Publication Date: December 13th, 2016
Pages: 867
Language: English