Trailblazer Reformers & Activists Box Set 4 (Trail Blazers) (Paperback)

Trailblazer Reformers & Activists Box Set 4 (Trail Blazers) By Various Various Cover Image
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An Exciting and Inspiring Collection of Vividly Told Stories of Christians Who Really Made A Difference.

Box Sets Make an Excellent Gift for When a Single Book is Not Enough

Each book in this box set contains the story of a man who stood up for what he believed in. These fascinating tales will draw readers in and inspire them to think about what things are worth fighting for. Reformers who preached God's Word, no matter what it cost them, and Activists who recognised that slaves were people made in God's image and fought to abolish the slave trade.

You will meet...

John Knox: Going from being a bodyguard to a preacher of God's Word, he stood with his convictions - biblical and political.

John Calvin: His ideas were radical, and his life was filled with dramatic events and dangers. Find out how this great teacher changed the church and introduced a Reformed theology.

William Wilberforce: He fought to bring freedom and relief from the terrors of the slave trade; it took him forty-five years

John Welch: He fell in with the wrong crowd... then he met God. Find out how he became an adventurous preacher couldn't be stopped, even by a cannon ball Read about his life, travels and discover what life was like before the Reformation.

John Newton: Having travelled the oceans to make money from slaves, find out how God changed his heart and life so that the slave ship captain sought to free slaves instead.

The Trail Blazers series are a well-known and long-standing series.

  • Over 50 titles
  • 6 themed box sets, each with 5 books
  • Great for ages 9 to 14
  • Published in 14 languages
  • Half a million books sold

These biographies follow the trailblazer's journey to faith, and on to the work that God had planned for them. With lots of dialogue, these engaging stories show how God uses normal individuals to bring about his purpose.

Each book in the Trailblazer series features:

  • Thinking Further Topics for each chapter to help readers think about how what they've read applies to their life today
  • Timeline of important events in the lifetime of each book's subject

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ISBN: 9781781916377
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Publication Date: October 20th, 2015
Language: English
Series: Trail Blazers