Zola and the Art of Television: Adaptation, Recreation, Translation (Transcript #3) (Hardcover)

Zola and the Art of Television: Adaptation, Recreation, Translation (Transcript #3) By Kate Griffiths Cover Image
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mile Zola (1840-1902) has become one of the most adapted authors of all time, but while much has been made of his adaptation into cinema and theatre, television has largely been overlooked. Yet television, with its serial structures and popular reach, is uniquely suited to the adaptation of a novelist who eagerly reworked his writing for the broadest audiences possible. It is not for nothing that broadcasters such as the BBC return to Zola so often - most recently with The Paradise (2012). In older productions, particularly, sweeping panoramas disappear, to be replaced by the boxy interior shots of studio-produced pieces heavy with dialogue. But television fulfils Zola's intention to provide, in close-up, a dissection of the characters' entrapment as they struggle beneath the weight of their heredity, era and environment.

The passage from book to television is also the passage from a single author to a collective one, in a process which challenges many of the simple binaries which have dominated and limited key debates in the history of adaptation. Different identities commission, fund, write, direct and produce programmes which are then shown and re-shown in different contexts, forms, times and media packages. This volume brings translation theory into dialogue with adaptation studies to open new debates. It does so in relation to an author of key import to adaptation studies. Zola and the myriad television adaptations of his work ask us to reconsider the boundaries of authorship, adaptation and the artistic artefact.

Kate Griffiths is Professor of French and Translation Studies at Cardiff University.

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