One Little Coin (Paperback)

One Little Coin By Elly Mossman (Illustrator), Cassidy Stroud (Editor), Teresa Schapansky Cover Image
By Elly Mossman (Illustrator), Cassidy Stroud (Editor), Teresa Schapansky
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Best-selling author Teresa Schapansky, and award-winning artist, Elly Mossman have teamed up again, and are thrilled to present...One Little Coin... "Dear Journal, I signed up for the coin club, because to be honest, I really like money. Wasn't that what a coin club was about? Money? That, and how to get it, how much to keep and how much to spend? I glanced around the room, and easily saw that the class was made up of quite an assortment of kids - polar opposites, in my opinion. In the end, who could have guessed that seven totally different kinds of people would form such an unlikely bond in a coin club? Maybe one day, I'll find one little coin that will change my life, forever. Maybe I'll find it with Jacques's metal detector, or maybe it'll be stuck in some couch cushion. The possibilities are endless."


"The best children's books are engaging and captivating - they stand the test of time. That's because the best children's authors write about topics that matter. A good children's book will, in addition, typically have interesting and sometimes new language which adds to a child's listening or reading experience.
One Little Coin checks all these essential boxes and in addition provides food for thought about values, a world where generosity is more important than accumulating money and the fact that first impressions can sometimes be misleading when they are based on superficial observations.

Like all high-quality children's books One Little Coin is a charming story that children will genuinely enjoy while they are learning to think and wonder about their world and the people who inhabit it as well as about themselves and their place in that world - it should be in every school library."
Geoff Johnson, former Superintendent of Schools

"One Little Coin neatly blends subject-area content, multicultural education, biography, and social issues-all in an age-appropriate manner. The plot thread involving the teacher's challenged childhood and her life-long love of coins and numismatics generally is a brilliant hook since young readers enjoy narrative rather than purely informational texts. The illustrations are strategically positioned to engage the reader and elaborate on the text."
Philip Allingham, PhD English Literature

"One Little Coin easily compels the reader to turn each page, in anticipation of the next succinct and exciting segment of the story. This book knits together the diversity of our multi-cultured country and is an educational tool for all ages and every walk of life. The story is respectful, thought provoking, endearing and captures the essence of Canadian society.

After having read One Little Coin, I was motivated to "go hunting" for all the universal coins that I've collected while traversing the globe during my Naval Service. Thanks to the author for a job well done. I predict that Ms. Schapansky has produced yet another best-selling book, with this marvel."
Allan W. Waddy, Author/Investigator

"With the skill of an experienced storyteller evident on every page, Teresa Schapansky has created an enchanting tale of compassion, personal growth and hope. One Little Coin nimbly melds several of life's important lessons within a storyline that resonates with readers of all ages. Imagine a single coin that can provide the catalyst for a yarn that speaks to the importance of sharing one's gifts with those less fortunate while bringing together a diverse group of youngsters who flourish while exploring a new avocation "
Warren Goulding, publisher, author, journalist

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ISBN: 9781778153204
ISBN-10: 1778153208
Publisher: Royal Canadian Numismatic Association
Publication Date: June 22nd, 2022
Pages: 88
Language: English