Growing Slowly Wise: Building a Faith that Works (Paperback)

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Holiness is a dull word these days, conjuring up men and women with sullen, morose faces, full of rectitude and rigid duty. True holiness, however, is anything but dull. It is startling and arresting. It's more than being decent, good, ethical and upright. It has that quality that the Bible calls "the beauty of holiness."

This is the picture of holiness that the New Testament writer James draws for us. It is a portrayal that fascinates us and awakens us to the hope that we can be more than we ever hoped to be; that we too can live lives of uncommon beauty and grace.

Through the New Testament book of James, David Roper masterfully utilizes his decades of pastoral experience to speaking as a pastor to his flock about the insight the apostle James has to share with those desiring to follow Christ with a living faith.

David Roper shows us the extraordinary quality of life of which James speaks, which can only be described as "beautiful." He takes the message of the book of James and shows us how to build a faith that works in our twenty-first century lives.

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ISBN: 9781777661533
ISBN-10: 1777661536
Publisher: Mof Publishing
Publication Date: November 1st, 2021
Pages: 130
Language: English