Anhedonia: Line and Poem (Paperback)

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'Anhedonia Line and Poem', is a book of images and poetry created in a time of anhedonia.
The art and poetry of Blanshard, reflects an intense involvement in the immediacy of what surrounds us. From landscapes and compositions of the ordinary to the deepest ruminations on society, mythology and the human condition, this empirical work of line and poem transcends the meaning of everyday moments. Singular moments of time that might go unnoticed, if not for the quiet, yet persistent observations and expression of the poet-artist.

The poems, mostly in the discipline of Haiku, are by creative intent, not reflective of the surface concrete form, but are cues that lead to a greater depth of decipherment, and clues to what lies within us all. Blanshard's intertwining in 'Anhedonia Line and Poem' creates an interplay that vibrates around our human existence. A highly original, thought-provoking art form, where no moment in anhedonia, is left unobserved.

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ISBN: 9781739778057
ISBN-10: 1739778057
Publisher: Page Addie Press
Publication Date: April 30th, 2023
Pages: 148
Language: English