Who Was Abram?: A Layman's Perspective (Paperback)

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Bible scholars think Abraham lived sometime around 1750 BCE. If we assume twenty years per generation, that would place Joseph in Egypt around 1630 BCE suggesting he was vizier to a Hyksos king and not an Egyptian Pharaoh. Next, volcano experts say Thera (Santorini) blew its top around 1620 BCE with an intensity equal to or greater than that of Tambora in 1815 CE and that it was the biggest mega-disaster in several millennia. Its tsunamis would have hit the island of Crete leading to the demise of the Minoan civilization. The ash cloud generated by Thera would have traveled all the way around the world triggering major drought and famine everywhere for at least the next three years. This ties in nicely with the major drought and famine told in the Joseph story.

Historians tell us that about a century later, Egyptian King Ahmosis I expelled the Hyksos out of northern Egypt. Could this be the origin of the Israelite Exodus? And during the Israelite wanderings, did Moses get the idea of monotheism from Akhenaten, the heretic Egyptian king? Again, the timing seems to fit.

When was Jericho destroyed and by whom? Archaeologists say it was destroyed long before Joshua came along. Evidence suggests it was destroyed at the same time as Sodom and Gomorrah, being only about twenty miles distant from the two cities. The fact that the grain was unplundered suggests a sudden destruction by natural forces and not by the hand of man. These are some of the stories examined in "Who Was Abram? A Layman's Perspective."

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