This is from Me (Paperback)

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"In my vision, God had his arms stretched open so that more of His light would surround me. He was standing over me, on my left, protecting me and loving me, but He wasn't looking at me. His head was turned, looking back over His left shoulder towards my husband. As God protected me, my husband, whose being was dark like mine, was walking away from God. He was looking back over his right shoulder in my direction, but his gaze was fixed on God as he walked away from the protective circle of God's light and into the darkness." We all make bad choices...It's just a matter of where we turn for relief.This is from Me takes you on the author's journey through date rape, spiritual rebellion, courtship, marriage, addiction, and divorce. Audrey (Wyatt) Shrive's story shows God's provision and protection from her bad choices and the bad choices of others, including death threats. The book demonstrates God's faithfulness to pursue all who rebel against Him. Audrey tells the story of her road to spiritual growth and spiritual healing with just the right amount of humor and gravity.The book touches on: - Finding Comfort in a Crisis- Insights into Church Discipline- Thoughts on Grief- Anger at GodIf you want to be entertained and encouraged through grief, loss, and trauma, this book is for you.

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ISBN: 9781736272015
ISBN-10: 1736272012
Publisher: Audrey Joy Shrive
Publication Date: April 15th, 2021
Pages: 122
Language: English