Launched - Start your career right after college, even during a pandemic (Paperback)

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"This book should be required reading for every university student or parent of one. Rob Feinstein offers the kind of practical advice, straight from hiring managers, that's needed to navigate the ever-changing landscape of today's job search process."

- Sean Treccia, Director of Global Campus Recruiting Programs at KPMG

"Launched is a college student's secret weapon to win over employers when navigating the job market for the first time."

- Kayla Woitkowski, Sr. Manager, University Outreach and Recruiting at analytics software company SAS

"Rob Feinstein really gets it. Launched is a thoughtful and insightful book that should guide all students through the start of their career journeys."

- Kaitlin Greene, Chief Recruiting Officer & Internship Development Officer at Northwestern Mutual insurance company

"Filling your mind with knowledge isn't enough. You need to fill your life with experiences to channel into your unique "hire me" story. In Launched, Rob Feinstein helps young people do just that."

- Mary O'Keefe, VP, Creative Director and Director of Creative Internships at BBDO Atlanta advertising agency

"Rob Feinstein draws upon his extensive experience as an innovator, manager and talent broker to deliver pragmatic advice every young person should heed. The examples provided in this book make the insights easy to understand, and Rob presents a compelling case for starting career preparation early."

- Kelley Bishop, Career Center Director, University of Maryland

With more than 20 years as a technology executive, including being a pioneer in the online recruiting industry, Rob Feinstein has an insider's view of how new graduate hiring really works. The truth most recruiters won't tell you is that too many college students lack the necessary foundation and career management skills to launch their careers seamlessly upon graduation. Students and their parents aren't savvy about what it takes to stand out and get hired in today's ultra-competitive college grad job market - especially with the new challenges and new tactics to master in a Covid-era world.

"Launched - Starting your career right after college, even during a pandemic" is a practical, step-by-step guide to setting a career foundation while still in college or with a new degree. The book is full of insights, advice and new techniques found nowhere else.

Feinstein brings a unique platform: a vantage point from the other side of the table as a longtime hiring executive, the perspective of a tech industry veteran with an insider's view as a pioneer in the online recruiting industry, and the flair for storytelling of a former award-winning newspaper journalist.

In Launched, you'll learn how to ...

  • develop your unique story and market yourself as a high-ceiling professional prospect;
  • prepare to crush your job interviews, including a unique method to strategically prepare questions to ask the interviewer;
  • demonstrate the skills that employers believe are lacking in most college students and new grads;
  • negotiate a job offer in a way that makes your new employer like you even more;
  • find a career that will ignite your passions and support you financially;
  • ... and much more.

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ISBN: 9781735537306
ISBN-10: 1735537306
Publisher: Robert Feinstein
Publication Date: October 1st, 2020
Pages: 170
Language: English