The Cherotic (r)Evolutionary Complete 1991-1999: A zine of all possibilities (Paperback)

The Cherotic (r)Evolutionary Complete 1991-1999: A zine of all possibilities By Frank Moore, Michael Labash (Cover Design by), Stephen Perkins (Preface by) Cover Image
By Frank Moore, Michael Labash (Cover Design by), Stephen Perkins (Preface by)
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In 1991, Kyle and Luna Griffith of S/R Press, who were at that time publishing shaman/performance artist Frank Moore's book, Cherotic Magic, suggested that he start a zine. Thus was born The Cherotic Revolutionary (TCR). The name of the zine later morphed into The Cherotic (r)Evolutionary. Here is how Frank described TCR in his first "Frankly Speaking" column in issue 0. The "Frankly Speaking" column appeared at the beginning of each issue. "TCR is a journal of the edge. TCR is an offensive movement or measure, offering alternatives to the fragmentation, isolation, personal helplessness which is actively promoted by the combine of power systems. TCR is anarchical, based on the personal responsibility to reshape reality into a more human, trusting, loving reality, full of fun and pleasure. TCR is not a reaction. It is a magical act of enjoying life. It is a journal of and for people who are doing this magical act. ... we finally have a channel of communications among the personal revolutions ... otherwise known as mutations ... which has always been the main fuel for evolution. Now we magical misfits know we are not alone, that there are others out/in here/there feeling, thinking, trying, doing similar things. This just by itself should speed evolution up." Later he wrote in "Frankly Speaking" for issue #5: "I need to thank the zine community for all the kind reviews of TC(r) over the years. I only wish they would not classify TC(r) as a sex zine. We do have a lot of sex in us. We will never shy away from that. But we really are an Anarchist/ Arts/ Avant-Garde/ Experimental/ Art/ Beat/ Cartoons/ Community/ Counter-Culture/ Alternatives/ Culture/ Dada/ Surrealism/ Erotica/ Essays/ Ethics/ Feminism/ Fiction/ Gay/ Humanism/ Humor/ Interview/ Lesbianism/ Libertarian/ Literature (General)/ Magic/ Non-Fiction/ Philosophy/ Photography/ Poetry/ Prose/ Psychology/ Satire/ Sex/ Short Stories/ Spiritual zine ... or a life on the edge zine ... for short." Nine issues of the zine were published during the 1990s featuring articles and poetry by Frank Moore, Annie Sprinkle, Veronica Vera, Carol Queen, Karen Finley, Noni Howard, Jack Foley, Ana Christy, Lob, Robert W. Howington, Dorothy Jesse Beagle, Linda Montano and many more. The zine also included lots of artwork and photos by the likes of H.R. Giger, Annie Sprinkle, John Seabury, Tony Ryan, Brian Viveros, T.R. Miller, Sean Bieri, Claudio Parentela, LaBash and many others.

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